Sunday, 21 August 2011


Afisa ubalozi bwana Zamarani akiwakaribisha wadau kwenye futari ya pamoja
Aziza Ongala (kushoto) ambaye pia ni mtoto wa marehemu Ongala pichani akiwa na Frank
 Dada Carol kutoka ubalozini akiwa amepozi na Jestina kwenye hafla hiyo.
 Fredy MAcha katikati akiwa na wadau wakibadilishana mawazo.

Wakati wa kujihidimia ulipofika!!
 Mzee kiondo kutoka ubalozini akisubiria futari.
 Ustadhi akiangalia saa yake ili kujua kama mda umefika wa kufuturu.
 Pichani Wadau wakiendelea kufuturu kwa pamoja.
 Picha ya juu na hii ya chini dua ikiendelea kusomwa kwa utulivu na umakini mkubwa.
Watoto wa rika mbalimbali pia walikuwepo kwenye futari hiyo
 Hapa ilikuwa ni zamu ya akina mama kupata futari.
Mheshimiwa naibu balozi Kilumanga akiwashukuru wote waliofika kwenye hafla hiyo.

Thursday, 7 July 2011



Head Office
Reports to:
Communications Manager
Provides supervision to:

Effective Date:
… date … (see bottom for approval box)
Grade Level:

Financial Authority / budget:
 (amount controlled/impacted by the position)

Purpose of the position:

To develop and disseminate key communications resources for marketing, public awareness and management of emergency
Observe mission and core values of the organization and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others

Major Responsibilities: (please define in output format – 1-7 things of what you expect to see as a result of this position)
Key Outputs/Responsibilities
(Accountabilities and results)
Weight (%)
Produce publicity materials for effective donor and public engagement by the organization – both in-country and internationally
Produce internal/external communications to ensure that key communications messages and products of the organization T are skillfully developed
To produce emergence communications messaging and products (web based situation reports, stories and photos)
Assist the Communications Manager in enforcing policies, systems and procedures/guidelines for the appropriate and effective flows of relevant information
Produce consistently and timely feature stories and photos for Sharing with the organization Partnership-wide website
Work with print and broadcast media to generate proactive and positive news coverage for important media opportunities and interviews that promote and protect the public image and ministry of the organization
To regularly update the organization website


PROFILE:  Core Capabilities:     (proficiency levels; 1=developing 2 =proficient 3=advanced)

Core Capability
Proficiency level
(1, 2, 3)

(A full list of indicators available in Core Capabilities into Job Descriptions
          Achieving Capabilities
Achieving quality results and service

Practicing accountability and integrity

Communicating information effectively

          Thinking Capabilities
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly

Understanding the Humanitarian industry

Understanding the organization mission & operations

Practicing innovation & change

          Self-managing Capabilities
Demonstrating Christ - centered life and work

Learning for growth and development

Maintaining work/life balance

          Relational Capabilities
Building collaborative relationships

Practicing gender & cultural diversity

Influencing individuals & groups

Other Competencies/Attributes:
·       Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
·       Perform other duties as required.

Qualifications:  Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience
The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
·       Minimum Qualification required: Advanced Diploma in journalism or communications/public relations.
·       Experience:  On job training
·       Preferred Qualification: BA in journalism or communications/public relations.
·       Technical skills/Abilities
  • English language fluency (written and verbal).
  • Excellent writing skills, with photographic and/or video skills also preferred.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and public
o   High level of confidence and confidentiality

Working Environment / Conditions:
·       Work environment:  Office-based with frequent travel to the field
·       Travel:  30% Local travel is required.
·       On call:  01%

Please submit your CV attached with your credentials at copied to before July 18, 2011.

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Monday, 20 June 2011


TUNIS (Reuters) - A Tunisian court sentenced former president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in absentia on Monday to 35 years in jail, six months after his overthrow in a revolution helped to inspire the "Arab Spring."
Ben Ali, who has been in Saudi Arabia since he was forced from power, was found guilty after just one day of deliberation of theft, illegally possessing jewellery and large sums of cash.
The same sentence was handed down to his wife Leila Trabelsi, a former hairdresser whose lavish lifestyle and clique of wealthy relatives were symbols of the corruption of the Ben Ali era for many Tunisians.
Ben Ali and his wife flew to Saudi Arabia on January 14 after mass protests against his 23-year rule.
During his time in office, members of his extended family accumulated fortunes while his security forces routinely arrested anyone who dared to dissent.
Tunisia's revolt electrified millions across the Arab world who suffer similarly from high unemployment, rising prices and repressive governments. Ben Ali's case has been watched closely in Egypt, where former president Hosni Mubarak is due to stand trial over the killing of protesters.
In a statement issued by his lawyers earlier on Monday, Ben Ali denied all the charges against him, saying that he was the victim of a political plot. He said he had been tricked into leaving the country.
"What a moment," said Meriam, a student who was one of a handful of people waiting late into the evening outside the courthouse to hear the verdict. "After 23 years when he manipulated the courts, today a very fair court has returned to us a little bit of our honour."
"My brother was put in prison for nothing ... and the other one was forced to stay in Europe in exile for nine years," she said. "This (verdict) gives us some peace."
Judge Touhami Hafian, who read out the verdict and sentence in the Palace of Justice in the Tunisian capital, also ruled that Ben Ali and his wife would have to pay fines totalling 91 million Tunisian dinars ($65.6 million).
The judge said the verdict on other charges, relating to illegal possession of drugs and weapons, would be handed down on June 30, according to a Reuters reporter who was in the courtroom.
During the hearing, a prosecutor had asked the judge to hand down "the most severe punishments for those who betrayed the trust and stole the money of the people for their personal gain .... They did not stop stealing for 23 years."
Ben Ali's defence lawyers refused to comment after the sentence was passed. Abderrazak Kilani, a senior lawyer who was not involved in the trial, told Reuters: "They have been given the heaviest sentence in this type of case."
Earlier, Ben Ali's lawyers had given the first detailed account of the events that led to his departure from Tunisia.
At the time, thousands of protesters had gathered in the centre of the capital Tunis to demand that he step down, the culmination of three weeks of demonstrations which police tried to disperse by firing on the crowds.
The statement issued by his lawyers said that the head of presidential security had come to Ben Ali in his office and told him that "friendly" foreign intelligence services had passed on information about a plot to assassinate the president.
He was persuaded to get on a plane that was taking his wife and children to safety in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but with the intention of returning immediately, the statement said.
"He boarded the plane with his family after ordering the crew to wait for him in Jeddah. But after his arrival in Jeddah, the plane returned to Tunisia without waiting for him, contrary to his orders.
"He did not leave his post as president of the republic and hasn't fled Tunisia as he was falsely accused of doing," the statement said.
Ben Ali's version of events is unlikely to draw sympathy from the majority of Tunisians. They are now enjoying relative freedom after decades when most people would not speak openly for fear of arrest by the secret police.
In his statement released on Monday, Ben Ali said the weapons he was accused of possessing illegally were gifts from other heads of state and the jewellery had been given as presents to his wife by foreign dignitaries.
The money and drugs had been planted in his home and the presidential palace after his departure as part of the plot against him, he said in the statement.
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Friday, 17 June 2011



Leo tarehe 15/06/2011 kambi ya upinzani bungeni ambayo inaundwa na chama cha CHADEMA kupitia waziri wake kivuli wa fedha Mhe. Zitto Kabwe (Mb), imewasilisha bajeti yake aliyoiita bajeti mbadala kwa mwaka wa fedha 2011/2012.

Nichukue nafasi hii kumpongeza kijana mwenzangu kwa uwasilishaji wa bajeti na kwa baadhi ya mambo ya msingi yaliyomo ndani ya bajeti husika.Hata hivyo bajeti imeacha maswali kadhaa bila majibu.

Katika bajeti hiyo pamoja na mambo mengine kwa kiasi kikubwa imedhihirisha kuwa maneno mengi na ahadi nyingi zilizotolewa na CHADEMA wakati wa Uchaguzi kama sio zote basi nyingi zilikuwa ahadi hewa zilizolenga kuwa hadaa wapiga kura kwa nia ya kupata kura.


Moja kati ya misingi mikuu ya kutengeneza bajeti katika mazingira ya siasa za kwetu na nyingine nyingi duniani ni ahadi ambazo chama kimeahidi kwa Wananchi wake aidha kwa kupitia Ilani ya Uchaguzi au ahadi binafsi za Mgombea Uraisi alizozitoa kipindi cha kampeni ya uchaguzi. Kwa maneno mengine bajeti ni zao la Ilani ya Uchaguzi ya Chama husika na sera mbalimbali zilizopo.

2.1 Elimu Bure kwa Watanzania kwa ngazi zote;

Kwa mfano kupitia Ilani ya CHADEMA ya uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka 2010 na ahadi kibao za kila mara za aliyekua mgombea urais wa chama hicho Dr. Slaa, waliahidi wakichaguliwa watatoa elimu bure kuanzia chekechea mpaka chuo kikuu.

Itakumbukwa hii ni moja ya ahadi zilizovutia sana wakati huo, lakini huku wakijua kuwa wanadanganya waliendelea kutoa ahadi hiyo kwa muda wote wa kampeni hizo, sasa imefika wakati tulitegemea wangeonyesha kwa vitendo kwa kuweka kwenye bajeti yao jinsi wanavyoweza kutoa elimu bure lakini bajeti hii mbadala ya 2011/2012 ni uthibitisho wa hadaa ya CHADEMA kwa umma wa watanzania.

Hapa namnukuu Waziri kivuli wa fedha,

“..(ix)kuondoa ada kwa wanafunzi wa shule za sekondari za kutwa na kupunguza ada kwa sekondari za bweni kwa kiwango cha asilimia hamsini kwa wavulana na bure kwa wasichana...”

Lakini katika Ilani yao ya Uchaguzi ya mwaka 2010 ukurasa wa 15. Inaeleza CHADEMA itahakikisha “ Elimu ya ngazi ya msingi na sekondari itagharimiwa na serikali kuu pamoja na serikali za mitaa”.

Hapo ndipo tunapouona uongo dhahiri wa CHADEMA wa kukiri kuwa Serikali haiwezi ikatoa Elimu bure kwani katika Bajeti yao mbadala wanakiri kuwa watapunguza ada kwa asilimia hamsini kwa wavulana.
Kwa mantiki hiyo suala la wanafunzi wa sekondari kuchangia wanalikubali ila walitumia ghiliba kipindi cha kampeni ili kuwaongopea Watanzania kwa kitu ambacho hawawezi kukitekeleza.

Kinachosikitisha zaidi, kwenye bajeti hii mbadala iliyosomwa leo, inaonyesha dhahiri kwa upande wa elimu; hakuna mpango wowote unaozungumzia “Elimu ya Juu” kama vile si kitu kwao ukilinganisha na walivyokuwa wakihubiri kwenye majukwaa wakati wakitafuta kura. Hakika huu ni usanii mkubwa kumbe walikuwa wakitafuta kura za vijana hawa tu hawana mpango nao!!
2.2 Kushusha bei ya vifaa vya ujenzi;

Ahadi nyingine kubwa iliyovuta hisia za wengi ni ya kushusha bei ya mfuko wa saruji kufikia shilingi za kitanzania elfu tano, pamoja na vifaa vingine vya ujenzi. Kwenye bajeti hii mbadala tulitegemea wangewaeleza watanzania hili wangelifanyaje lakini badala yake waziri kivuli wa fedha anaishia kusema;

“..itakuwa marufuku kwa kituo cha uwekezaji kutoa ruhusa ya msamaha wa kodi kwa makampuni ya uwekezaji kwa bidhaa zinazozalishwa nchini na hasa Saruji....”
Hapa hakuna mkakati wowote wa kufanya mfuko wa saruji uuzwe shilingi za kitanzania elfu tano kama CHADEMA walivyotaka watanzania waamini wakati wa uchaguzi. Huu ni ushahidi wa hadaa ya CHADEMA.

Kwenye bajeti hii mbadala waziri kivuli anasema.... “ujenzi wa barabara za vijijni utatumia kwa kiasi kikubwa nguvu kazi watu (labour intensive)..”

Viongozi wengi wa CHADEMA wanasifika kwa kuzuia wananchi wasichangie shughuli mbalimbali za maendeleo huko vijijini, leo inashangaza kusema watatumia kwa kiasi kikubwa nguvu kazi watu, huu bila shaka ni unafiki na hadaa kwa wananchi.
2.3 Suala la kukwepa kodi;

Umejengeka utamaduni wa watu na taasisi mbalimbali kukwepa kodi na kuona kuwa suala hilo ni la kawaida. Lakini ikumbukwe kuwa kukwepa kodi kunaipunguzia mapato serikali na hivyo kupunguza uwezo wake wa kutoa huduma kwa jamii. 

CHADEMA wanakiri hili kupitia Bajeti yao mabadala iliyowasilishwa na Waziri wa Fedha Kivuli Mhe. Zitto Kabwe, kuwa ......”kuna watu wengi sana ambao wanapata mapato makubwa lakini hawalipi kodi......” Kauli hii ya CHADEMA inapingana na matendo yao halisi, kwani itakumbukwa wanamlipa katibu Mkuu wao Dr. Wilbroad Slaa zaidi ya shilingi Milioni saba, fedha ambayo haikatwi kodi yeyote.

Chakushangaza zaidi pamoja na CHADEMA kuendelea kumlipa Dr. Slaa mamilioni yasiyotozwa kodi, bila aibu Zitto anatoa wito kwa kila Mtanzania mwenye kipato alipe kodi ya kipato chake.

Na anaendelea kusema kuwa ... “kulipa kodi ndio ishara ya Uzalendo na ili raia aweze kuinyoshea kidole serikali yake lazima awe na uchungu na uchungu unapatikana kwa kulipa kodi.”

Kwa kauli hii ya Zitto, anauthibitishia umma wa Tanzania kuwa Dr. Slaa siyo mzalendo na wala CHADEMA pia siyo wazalendo. Kwani Dr. Slaa alitakiwa kukataa kuchukua mshahara usiokatwa kodi, na Chama chake kilipaswa kupeleka kodi za watumishi wake serikalini.

2.4 Kima cha chini cha mshahara;

Katika bajeti yao mbadala, CHADEMA wanaahidi kuongeza kima cha chini cha mshahara kwa wafanyakazi wa Umma mpaka kufikia Tshs. 315,000 kwa mwezi na kutoa motisha kwa walimu wanaofundisha Vijijini kwa kuwapa Mshahara mara moja na nusu ya wenzao wanaofundisha mijini.

Cha kushangaza hawajaainisha fedha hizo za ziada watazitoa wapi, hata katika mchanganuo wao wa mapato hawajaonesha kuwa kiasi hicho cha pesa kitatoka wapi. Huu ni usanii mkubwa na uongo ulikithiri.


Ukipitia mambo haya machache kama mifano utagundua kuwa sehemu kubwa ya ahadi za CHADEMA kwa wananchi ni ulaghai na uongo usio na mfano, hivyo wananchi wanapaswa kuutambua mti kwa matunda yake si majani yanayoonekana na kutamanisha machoni.

Ukiifahamu kweli itakuweka huru, ni muhimu kuitafuta na kuifahamu kweli.

Imetolewa na;
Nape Moses Nnauye,
Katibu wa NEC Itikadi na Uenezi.
Soma bajeti kamili ya upinzani bofya hapa